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My Photography Journey


I have always taken photographs since I owned my first camera age 12. It was a Polaroid film camera. I used it to capture moments instantly. The first photographs I ever took are of my friends sitting in my bedroom with our 2002 haircuts. I wanted to show our personalities, our teenage stories and well, I’ve been hooked to cameras ever since.


Life is a bit more technically advanced since then but I still strive to capture moments and stories like that today. Natural, non-staged insights into our lives and ourselves. Its fair to say that my skills have progressed somewhat from that fateful day where I wafted my first instant photograph into the air, waiting with excitement to see the image start to appear magically in front of me. Now I also operate digitally and online.


I didn’t study photography at university. I chose to study History at undergraduate and History of Art at postgraduate. I wanted to keep my passion for photography separate to academic study so I continued learning and developing photographic skills in different ways, improving over time and continuing my fascination with the visual and digital. It was whilst I was at university I was gifted my first digital SLR and I haven't put it down since then.


Like my historical research specialism my photographic work today focuses upon people. Your lives, your stories, your experiences. Your events, your memories, your emotions. Studying history I explored their lives at home, their friends, families and relationships, their working sectors and personal connections.


My interests in photography are no different from my interests in history. Through documenting people and their lives, your stories with my camera and digital equipment. Through drawing visual representations of your ideas and experiences today. Both in my historical research and today, capturing natural glimpses into individuals lives. I also operate in both public and private domains; I cater to private functions and individual events right through to public events and corporate affairs.

I aim to not just shoot a photograph, but to capture the ambience, atmosphere and details of your surroundings. To help you relive your experiences and remember your achievements and celebrations. To explore individual endeavours and milestones as well as tell institutional stories. I want to connect with the subjects of the photograph, to reach beyond the surface and truly capture a memory in all its glory.


Through documenting the world around me with my camera and exploring pivotal moments within your lives, I am in turn capturing moments that will become our history and make up your personal archive. I will capture moments of importance whether for individuals or organisations. These will attribute to keeping a record, maintaining an archive and making sure that your history is documented for yourselves and future generations. I will capture experiences of happiness and enjoyment, the best moments of your life and the intimate moments which describe exactly who you are. You get to share these stories, whether on your own social media, blog or in print. You get to make history. You get to keep the memories. You get to showcase your story.

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